Eckhart Richter received his Bachelor and Master of Music degree at the Yale University School of Music and his Doctorate of Music at the Florida State University School of Music. His principal cello teacher Luigi Silva introduced him to early cello music, and his principal theory and composition teacher Paul Hindemith introduced him to the viol and the treasures of early music as a member of Hindemith’s famed Collegium Musicum at Yale. Singing and playing this music has been among his greatest musical pleasures ever since.

A former member of the Houston Symphony Orchestra and  the National Symphony Orchestra, he has appeared as soloist and chamber music player on the U.S. Public Broadcasting and Educational Televisions Network and toured throughout the United States and Europe. For eleven summers he was a cello teacher, chamber music coach and Associate Musical Director at the Kinhaven Music School in Vermont. He was on the music faculty of Converse College School of Music, Missisippi State College for Women, the University of Georgia, Emory University (where he directed the Emory Consort), and Georgia State University until his retirement in 1995. At the present time he is concentrating his efforts on the cello as a member of the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra and recording projects. He also has been a member of the Atlanta Symphony Chorus since 1988.