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Writer Pierre Ruhe interviewed Julie Andrijeski, the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra‘s new Artistic Director, via telephone a couple of weeks before our concert of Sunday, February 13.

Julie has a lot to say about her plans and the challenges the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra faces in the current economic environment:

“I have a lot of goals for this group,” she said. “Atlanta has great resources. I’d like us to collaborate with local choirs and theaters,” with the eventual goal of performing grand or infrequently performed works.

…First up in Atlanta, she said, will be to “solidify who we are. We should bring out the color and vibrancy, get into the sound and create our own sound. I’d like to bring Baroque gestures and rhythms” to the interpretations…

Julie goes on to voice questions about challenges the group faces today:

…“How can we incorporate dance in the current space? Our marketing has been a great improvement, on Facebook, but can we get much more? I want to build our base in Roswell but hang on to people who attended [at the former venue in Buckhead]; can we do that? We’ve presented concerts one at a time; why not make our season a ‘series,’ with subscribers? Should we perform one of our concerts in town? In this business, you think one day at a time and three to four years out. There are big hurdles to jump, but I wouldn’t have accepted this if I didn’t have confidence in the musicians and confidence in the community.”

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