An ongoing history lesson

I’m pleased to announce that I’m in the process of putting all the concert programs for the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra’s entire career up on this Web site. I’m creating a page for each year in the ABO’s history, listing every concert, the program in brief, and each of the featured soloists. There will be a link where you can view or download a PDF scan of the actual complete concert program, and if there are program notes, those are presented on a separate page in HTML format in addition to being in the scanned program.

Look up at the menu bar at the top of any page on the ABO web site and you’ll see Concerts and Events. Hover your mouse over it and you’ll see a second menu item, Past Concerts. Hover over that, and you’ll see a cascading menu of pages, one for each year. Select a year and start reading. (I’ve decided to organize by calendar year, not by concert season: e. g. “1998”, “1999” and “2000”, and not “1998-1999 season” and “1999-2000 season” just because it’s a bit easier to browse.)

As of this writing I have put up all the information on the years 1998 and 1999, and I’ll be adding information on the remaining years in the days to come.

This work started when Resident Director Daniel Pyle shared with me that he had compiled a text list of every concert and all the repertoire to forward to new Artistic Director Julie Andrijeski, so that she could familiarize herself with the entire history of the group. I thought to go Daniel one better. I borrowed all the scrapbooks that he and his wife Catherine Bull have assembled over the years, and scanned everything. More recent concert programs are available in “pure” PDF format, no scanning necessary, so posting those will be much less work.

I undertook this mostly for my own edification. I also wanted to get a thorough overview of all of the ABO’s considerable body of work. But having done so, it was only a little bit of extra effort to put all this up on the Web site for everybody to see. In particular, Daniel Pyle and others have written some fine historical program notes over the years, and I wanted those to be published on the Internet in a form that anybody could search and Google. There will be some college music students and historians out there that will thank me–for posting the work of Daniel, Lyle Nordstrom, John Hsu, and other ABO program note contributors along the way.